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There are two categories for our Clinics:

  • General Clinic (i.e. Health Clinic)
  • Clinic of Excellence (i.e. Dermatology, Cosmetology etc.)

Specialties of Excellence

Based on an analysis of market in Riyadh, and the mortality and mortality and morbidity patterns mentioned earlier in the report, there are certain diseases commonly observed in Riyadh. Keeping in mind these factors, the facilities of the hospital has been planned.

The proposed hospital to be established and subsequently managed by Apollo Hospitals Group would endeavor to become a prestigious Secondary Care Hospital in region. Adequate emphasis would be incorporated for absorbing for absorbing emerging advanced practices, to provided world-class patient care, to attract excellent talents and for horizontal integration of related fields of training.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

In the recent times childbirth has started being perceived as a “wellness” related event. Most medical practitioners would agree that Obstetrics is one of the most difficult specialties to practice particularly due to the high degree of unpredictability. A high incidence of reproductive health problems has been observed in Saudi Arabia, the main cause of mortality being complications during pregnancy, childbirth and unsafe abortion. Cases of urinary fistulae, tumor of uterus are other common ailments observed in the region.
The proposed Hospital will have modern facilities for diagnostic as well as therapeutic treatment in Gynecology. Treatment and consultation facilities during all stages of pregnancy ranging from antenatal, intra-natal and postnatal periods will be available. Preventive health checkup packages specially designed to detect Gynecology problems will be a special feature. These complemented with counseling for immunization, family health awareness etc. are expected to strengthen the department of OBG.

Pediatrics and Neonatology

More then a third of population of Saudi Arabia being in the Pediatric age group, the demand for all pediatric medical specialties is high and is on the increase with increasing health awareness among the parents. The Government is also paying special attention towards reducing infant mortality and various steps have been taken in this direction.


It is perceived that the incidence of Cardiac problem in Riyadh and the rest of the catchment area on the rise with the change in the life style and increasing stress levels among the population. The incidence of related disorders like Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus are also in the increasing trend.

The department would be a dynamic fusion of the talent and experience of highly qualified cardiologists with proved track record on the international level.

Future Plans

Fiscal Year No. of Clinics Region
2007 – 2008 6 Central Region
2008 – 2009 4 Central, Western Region
2009 – 2010 7 Central, Eastern, & western Region
2010 – 2011 8 All
2011 – 2012 7 All
2012 – 2013 8 All
2013 – 2014 10 All


Polyclinics in Riyadh

Polyclinics in Riyadh