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Saudi Arabia is one of the rapidly growing and developing countries. Considering the fact that there was an extensive demand for a fast and effective distribution network of the pharmaceuticals and medical supplies throughout kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company was born of a vision. Healthier nation via nature’s bounties.

Our mission is to strive for excellence in our business practices with the objective to benefit the medical community, consumers and the quality of life in general.

Over the years the company has evolved into knowledge driven company. It is marketing, research and distribution focused, has a multi products portfolio with multi national agencies and becoming a marketing conglomerate across Saudi Arabia.

Retail Pharmacy

Mall Pharmacy


Future Plans

8 pharmacies + Drug store already up & running through a state of art system.

Below is the schedule for expansion to achieve the target.

Fiscal Year No. of Pharmacies Region
2007 – 2008 20 Central Region
2008 – 2009 40 Central, Western Region
2009 – 2010 60 Central, Eastern, & western Region
2010 – 2011 80 All
2011 – 2012 90 All
2012 – 2013 100 All
2013 – 2014 110 All